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Step into the uncharted

The Experience

Imagine waking up in serenity. Only the rustles of the wind breezing softly past your tent. You step out with a smile, knowing you're home now, and for the next few days, engulfed in a beautiful, seemingly mystic backdrop of desert, mountains, and valleys that remind you of just how wild and untamed Sinai really is.  


Your day is yours. There is no schedule. Only the one you make. Sip tea and lounge all day, or climb to a hidden temple on a mountain top. Whatever you do, walk barefoot, feel the soft sand under your feet. Recharge. Earth yourself. And as night begins to fall, and the sun melts into the mountains, the camp gently glows beautifully, under the canopy of a starry night. 


Your main tent is a handmade traditional Bedouin“بيت شعر", a homage to the traditions and heritage that shaped the Sinai for millennia.. Your sleeping quarter is a weather-proof, spacious walk-in tent with plenty of privacy. Our team will provide the most attentive and personable service. Badw makes your stay in the remote desert truly feel like arriving home.

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“The spirit of man is nomad, his blood bedouin”

Lay back and watch the Milky Way

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